September 18, 2019
While our customers have validated that Big Switch’s Big Cloud Fabric (BCF) is the best automated (underlay) fabric for VMware SDDC use cases, including vSphere, NSX-v/NSX-T, vSAN, VxRail and VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF), it’s exhilarating to witness BCF being awarded the Best of Networking honor at VMWorld 2019.   What is unique about the Big Cloud Fabric architecture?Let’s face it – many of... Weiterlesen
Juli 17, 2019
July 3rd, 2019 marks the culmination of the efforts of some of the most talented people I have ever worked with. We at Big Switch just launched our first ever product on the AWS marketplace called 'Big Cloud Fabric for AWS' (BCF-AWS). I am extremely proud to have been a part of this effort in designing and implementing this solution. Why am I proud about this? It represents a milestone where we... Weiterlesen
Juni 25, 2019
As adoption of Amazon Web Services (AWS) is accelerating at a dizzying pace, it is becoming critical for IT organizations to gain visibility into application traffic on the AWS infrastructure. For most organizations this means both flow-level intelligence and deep packet-level monitoring for security, troubleshooting, and application performance of their AWS workloads. AWS and Big Switch Networks... Weiterlesen
Juni 18, 2019
We’re excited to share that Erik Papir has been appointed VP of WW Systems Engineering & Technical Sales at Big Switch.Erik brings to Big Switch more than 25 years of experience in the networking and telecommunications industries, as well as extensive experience leading global technical organizations.Erik’s own words, on why he has joined us on our journey:My entire networking career I have... Weiterlesen
Juni 05, 2019
A revolution is underway. Nearly every automotive company is developing autonomous self driving vehicles. In fact, not long ago, an autonomous taxi service (Waymo), launched in Arizona. During the last few years, IoT applications have become increasingly commonplace across several industries, from retail to logistics to transport/automotive. According to various forecast models, the number if IoT... Weiterlesen
Mai 09, 2018
Network visibility and insight have never been more important. As security threats continue to increase, ensuring application performance meets the needs of the business is critical. With this challenge in mind, have Network Packet Brokers (NPBs) kept up?For the most part, NPBs do the same thing today as they did when they first hit the market. Packet feeds via TAPs and SPANs from the production... Weiterlesen
März 20, 2018
Next-gen Network OS (NOS) Architecture based on Open Network Linux (ONL)The rapid adoption of open networking and software/hardware disaggregation is causing a renaissance in the networking industry!  The networking industry has largely been devoid of innovation in the past two decades. The adoption of Ethernet & IP networking in the 90’s helped standardize the protocol stack, making... Weiterlesen
Februar 12, 2018
Many network professionals saddled with legacy equipment dream of building a new network based on software-defined technology. But building such a technology business from the ground up is both “a luxury and a challenge,” says David Robinson, Chief Technology Officer of STT Connect. Based in Singapore, STT Connect is the cloud management arm of ST Telemedia, a Singapore based technology... Weiterlesen
Januar 23, 2018
Author: Bala Ramachandran, Big Switch Networks Director of Product ManagementNutanix Hyper Converged systems natively offer converged compute, storage and virtualization for all enterprise workloads at any scale by leveraging a distributed, scale-out architecture. Through software innovation, Nutanix solutions aggregate storage capacity across multiple servers and present them as a single logical... Weiterlesen
Dezember 01, 2017
As Uber continues to dominate media headlines for all the wrong reasons, I become increasingly disappointed, but ironically hopeful. Hopeful that A new type of leader is emerging in Silicon Valley, and that the days of placing the domineering, brash, irresponsible leaders in the Valley on a pedestal, rather than highlighting the accomplishments of the far less dramatic, but far more measured... Weiterlesen